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obrazekNowadays energy saving is a topic, not only for economical reasons but also for environmental protection.
Reverberi Enetec light controllers, not only optimize lighting energy costs but also have a positive impact on natural environment by reducing atmospheric light pollution as well as cutting greenhouse gas emission.
The Energy Saving System allows up to 40% saving on energy consumption, extending also lamp life due to over voltage reduction.
A power controller is a centralized voltage stabilizer designed to control the amount of power fed to lighting circuits by reducing the voltage on the basis of programmable cycles in value and time in accordance to estimated traffic density.

By stabilizing the voltage, the power controller protects the lamps against any stress resulting from over voltage, especially in all those installations placed near transformer, where supply voltage in night hours may achieve values over the rated ones. Dimming of the voltage will result in a significant decrease of heat production, thus making it possible to increase lamp life to a considerable extent.

Our offer includes a complete, flexible range of lighting control system capable of satisfying the specific needs of different situation, Reverberi Enetec Energy Saving System is the perfect solution for: streets lighting, shopping centers, factories, banks, airports, parking.

Available range of solutions:




hat the power saving system is designed for

Reverberi Enetec electric power saving system is a group of electric power devices, aimed at generating savings of electric power consumption, through stabilization and controlled reduction of voltage. They are designed for control of lighting circuits equipped with any types of discharge lamps, excluding these ones, which are equipped with an electronic device for stabilization of current flowing in the lamp. The application is not limited in all other cases.


Profits resulting from application of power saving system

  1. Decreasing of electric power consumption for lighting and optimization of its maintenance costs
  2. Extending lifetime of lamps, and thereby reducing costs of their replacing, utilization and significant decreasing of efficiency loss resulting from their ageing
  3. Decreasing of lighting failure frequency
  4. Reduction of natural wear of such lighting components as: safety devices, circuit-breakers, wires

Compatibility with other systems

Reverberi Enetec electric power saving system is designed for powering most of light sources, from fluorescent lamps, through mercury-vapor, sodium, halogen lamps, up to metal-halide lamps. Powering circuits can be configured as both single-phase and triple-phase ones. The devices can be remote controlled through wireless or wired connection, using external sources of information.

Summary of economical benefits

  • Average decreasing of power consumption to 40%, resulting from control of lighting lamps power and reduction of oversized lighting
  • Reduction of losses resulting from decreased temperature of light source, which extends lifetime of both lamps and fittings
  • The system stabilizes also powering voltage, thereby extending lifetime of discharge lamps
  • Additional operating costs are decreased to 50%, resulting from less frequent replacing of light sources, their ballasts and fittings, which leads to lower costs of purchase, replacements and utilization
  • Uniform layout of lighting intensity with its power being controlled





Reverberi Enetec electric power saving system is used in many locations in Europe to light various types of objects:

  • urban streets, access and arterial roads
  • highways
  • parking lots
  • airports and sea ports
  • hospitals
  • rest houses
  • shopping centers, financial centers, market halls, factories
  • schools, sporting centers, hotels, banks

The general rule is in force, that Reverberi Enetec electric power saving system is used in any sites, where large amount of power is consumed for lighting.
In a case of external lighting, controllers of lighting power are used optimally, if connected to astronomical clock.




SEC ST series controllers

SEC ST power controllers are technologically advanced electric power devices, aimed at generating savings of electric power consumption, through stabilization and controlled reduction of voltage.
Their construction includes electronically controlled array of transformers (autotransformer and supercharging transformer), controlled by microprocessor controller, which adjusts dynamically the parameters of powering voltage to the needs of the light source. SEC ST series controllers ensure stabilization of powering voltage with ± 1% accuracy

Simplified scheme of SEC ST controller

Appearance of SEC ST power controller

Intelux NG series controllers

Intelux NG power controller has been designed using semiconductor power devices of IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) type, with microprocessor controller, which adjusts the parameters of powering voltage to the needs of the light source.
Patented A.W.I. (Adaptive Waveform Intersection)technology is used in Intelux NG controller.
Compact construction of the device allows it to be installed in any place meeting basic safety requirements connected with access of outsiders.

Patented A.W.I. (Adaptive Waveform Intersection) technology is used in Intelux NG controller, allowing to achieve profits resulting from using power electronics (small size and large range of operation) to control lighting, and to apply also in these circuits, which earlier caused some problems, namely connected with cos fiimproving condenser at the input of the lamp.

A.W.I. technology uses IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) type semiconductors to cut out some elements of powering voltage sinusoid.

AWI technology allows to perform following tasks:

  • Control of dividing level through switching IGTB off only within decreasing phase of positive sinusoid of powering voltage (and also within increasing phase of its negative half). This way, at critical moment of arc ignition, taking place within increasing phase of the positive wave (and in decreasing phase of the negative half), full powering voltage is applied to the lamp, independently of value of cut-off angle. Full powering voltage applied at the moment of arc ignition allows to avoid any problems caused by aging of the lamps and thereby this increasing of the arc voltage.
  • Control of current flow in the circuit consisting of cos fi improving condenser, choke and lamp, during the phase of IGBT being cut-off; then additional discharging element operates, conducting the current until zero is reached.
  • Strategy of powering voltage control is continuously adapted (A.W.I.), meaning that sequence of IGBT ignition and cutting off is dependent on the charge, phase shift, kind of the lamp and power coefficient at the input of the controller.
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